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Find Out Where to Leave Your Bags in Florence With These Helpful Tips

Are you preparing a trip to Florence and want somewhere to hold your baggage? Don’t be concerned we’ve acquired you taken care of. Listed below are the 5 most trustworthy spots for luggage storage florence.

Santa Maria Novella Coach Station:

The luggage safe-keeping service at Santa Maria Novella Train Station is operated by educated and helpful staff. They are able to response all of your queries and assist you in finding a storage space solution which fits your requirements. There is certainly a wide variety of safe-keeping available options, so you’re likely to find some thing which fits your life-style.

Florencia Street Market:

Florencia Road Industry is among the most in-demand market segments in Florence, and it’s also a great spot to keep your baggage. There are several stalls and providers to choose from, to help you retail outlet for the best offer. And, considering that the market is so popular, there’s always someone around who will help you with your bags.

Boboli Gardens:

Boboli Backyards is really a beautiful spot to commit a few hours and a good way to store your luggage. There are many benches and seats where you may safely retailer your luggage when going through the backyards. And, should you need any assist, the employees with the ticket business office is definitely delighted to assist you.

Ponte Vecchio:

Ponte Vecchio is among the most iconic points of interest in Florence, and it’s additionally a great spot to hold your luggage. There are several retailers and businesses along the fill, so finding a place to stow your hand bags won’t be hard. And, if you need any guidance, just request one of the numerous shopkeepers or personnel about the bridge—they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Palazzo Pitti:

Palazzo Pitti is actually a wonderful building with plenty of room to store your baggage. There are various safe-keeping possibilities, from lockers to safe-keeping areas. And if you need guidance, the Palazzo Pitti staff is always happy to assist you to get a solution that works for you.


No matter if you’re searching for a risk-free destination to retail store your luggage while you check out Florence or just will need somewhere to have them whilst you’re on your way to your next location, these five areas are common great alternatives. So don’t be worried about getting an area for your luggage—just relax and appreciate your time and efforts in Florence!

Find Out Where to Leave Your Bags in Florence With These Helpful Tips
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