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Learn How To Make A Gas Mask Bong For Fast And Easy Highs!

Looking to get great in a rush? Then you must know how to make a water pipe! This straightforward tutorial will walk you through the actions needed to build your gas mask bong making use of materials you probably curently have being untruthful about your home.

4 Methods To Generate A Gas Mask Bong

Stage #01: Get Your Resources:

You’ll want a plastic package, a pan, some duct adhesive tape, as well as your weed.

Step #02: Reduce The Bottle In Two:

When you have all your components gathered, it’s time to begin on producing your bong. The initial step is to cut the plastic-type jar by 50 % utilizing a sharp knife or pair of scissors. Be very careful when doing this, as you may don’t desire to cut your self on the razor-sharp edges from the plastic-type. As soon as the container is minimize by 50 percent, chuck apart the very best half and maintain the bottom one half – this is exactly what we’ll use to help make our bong.

Move #03: Create A Hole Inside The Package:

Next, you have to produce a golf hole inside the jar. This opening will be employed to retain the dish of your bong, so help it become adequate enough how the pan can suit snugly inside. Use a distinct knife or perhaps a drill with this move. If you’re utilizing a blade, take care not to minimize oneself around the distinct edges from the plastic.

Step #04: Affix The Dish:

Since you now use a hole inside your bottle, it’s time and energy to attach the pan. Very first, consider your duct adhesive tape and place it across the hole’s side to generate a seal. This will aid prevent any weed cigarette smoke from escaping. After that, place the dish to the opening and make use of much more duct tape to secure it. Ultimately, ensure that the bowl is firmly linked so that it doesn’t shed when you use your bong.


And that’s it! You know how to produce a gas mask bong. This simple tutorial enables you to build a easy and quick method to get high very quickly. Many thanks for reading through!

Learn How To Make A Gas Mask Bong For Fast And Easy Highs!
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