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What is there to know about travel insurance to Canada

The people who migrate to canada from dubaiwill tell you that if you are going to travel to Canada on a working holiday visa, then it is mandatory that you have the travel insurance from a reputable company. There are various in the market, but one that will give you answers to the below questions could be the right one for you.

If I leave Canada before the expiry of my travel insurance, am I still covered on the policy?
If you are going to the Caribbean or the USA for a quick visit, then the travel insurance will still cover you to the extent of the visa that you had in Canada. It is something that some of the companies that provide the insurance coverage cover while others don’t. Let them make it clear for you.
What is the extend of my medical coverage?
Does it cover your pre-existing conditions? Is it going to protect your non-emergencies? What cost is the provider going to pay upfront, and what costs will I need to file to be reimbursed? When it comes to reimbursement, how long will it take before I get it? Those are important questions that you need answers to.
Are you covering the loss or theft of my passport?
Though simple, it is good to ask so that you get the answer from your insurance provider. With that, you will know what to do in case it happens.
What is your policy when it comes to pre-existing conditions?
If you want a cover for existing conditions, ask the provider as many questions about it as possible. You will need to get something in writing before you make a commitment to the policy.

What is there to know about travel insurance to Canada
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